There are 4 parts to the audition. Please follow directions exactly as described below.
1. Shoot Scene (s) from mid-chest up with an inch or so of space above the head
2. Answer the following additional question on camera
  a. Who’s your favorite basketball player? And why?
3. Shoot/include a short (approx. 1 minute) video showing basketball skills
4. Shoot a full-body shot from just above the head to the feet while stating name, height, age, date of birth and location, and if applicable, indicate if you are a twin



5. Stand for all scenes
6. Make sure whoever reads with actor is off-camera
7. Record in a quiet, well-lit room facing a window or natural light source. Make sure actor is lit from the front
Turn off air conditioning units, fans, devices & notifications that may disrupt the sound

Any other company or web site promoting or charging actors to submit their self tape or video audition is not approved by the casting director or Cast It Systems. Please send an email to if you know of any other web site claiming to be accepting auditions for this project.