Are You Ready For Representation?


Being an actor is like running a business. You are the CEO, and are in charge of building and growing your company and brand. Like most new businesses, you start small and once you have enough work and income, you can expand the company, which will eventually entail hiring additional employees. In the case of …


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3 Steps to Successful Acting in a Gender-Swapped Role


Non gender-specific casting is not a new convention in theatre by any means. Certainly there was a time when all roles were traditionally played by men–end of story. These days men and women swap in and out of each other’s roles primarily for artistic purposes. Non-traditional casting can be exciting and thought-provoking for an audience, …


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8 Quick Tips for Self-Tape Success


In these days of awesome technology, some casting directors are now opting to have actors send in taped auditions in addition to–or sometimes, in place of–traditional, in-person auditions. This method of casting has some serious benefits: save time, save gas, no parking fees . . . but easily the best part of filming and submitting …


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Andreas Larsson is Selected as the Top Performer in the September Showcase


We are very excited to announce that Andreas Larsson of Orebro, Sweden, has been chosen as the Top Performer in the September Edition of our Monthly Showcase. To recognize his efforts, Mr. Larsson will receive $500, as well as feedback on his performance from our panel of noted casting professionals. We also want to congratulate …


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“Whiplash” Casting Review


**MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS** With awards season quickly coming up, one will find more and more films hitting the box office in order to start grabbing moviegoers’ attention. The Skeleton Twins made its debut (to critical praise) at last year’s Sundance Film Festival, and Whiplash is looking to follow suit. Having also premiered at this year’s …


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Auditioning Success: A Winning Attitude and Your Authentic, Personal, Truthful Self


It’s not fear, it’s not nerves, it’s not anxiety–it’s excitement.  It’s a “rush”.  You LOVE IT.  Own that.  Smile at that.  Go in the room with THAT.  That joy and love of acting, that rush you get from performing, is a powerful part of who you are.  It’s part of what brought you to being …


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Headshots: 10 Tips for the Eight By Ten


Throughout your acting career, you will get many, many sets of headshots. They will change with your age, your haircuts, your city and your evolving type. Headshots are often the first and last impressions casting directors have of you, so it is of paramount importance to have a good one. Unfortunately, sorting through all the …


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