BREATH: the Antidote for Fear and the Technique for Focus

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Whether you are approaching a public speaking engagement, an important athletic moment, or an artistic performance of any kind, your BREATH–the flow of oxygen to your brain and body–will determine your ability to concentrate, function and excel.  Believe it or not, the first thing inexperienced performers of any kind forget to do is BREATHE.  That …


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10 Tips on “Playing Crazy”


Everyone loves to play a crazy. From Hamlet to Hannibal, Lady Macbeth to Blanche DuBois, some of the meatiest, most iconic roles in theatre and cinematic history have been a few Crayolas shy of a box. Actors love to play them, audiences love to watch them, and the Hollywood Foreign Press likes to celebrate them …


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Variety and Unpredictability in Performance

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Break down the “BEATS” of each scene to understand your smaller varieties of objectives/intentions, which are all attached, like little magnets, to the Primary Intention or “Super Objective”. The “Super Objective” is the main, powerful magnet which “pulls” you through the story.  Rocky wants to be somebody, not a bum.  Luke wants to find adventure …


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Six Steps to Get Your Way (Without Being a Diva)


Actors and performers attract a lot of stereotypes, and, despite our winsomely bleached smiles and inherent charm, not all of those stereotypes are positive. Today we are going to tackle one of the most enduring loaded labels ever to be muttered behind an actor’s back: DIVA. While this term has many connotations, it likely inspires …


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The Cast It Talent Monthly Showcase Returns!!

August Showcase

Our Monthly Showcase is back!! The Cast It Talent Monthly Showcase is a fantastic chance for actors to get seen by and get feedback from some of Hollywood’s top casting professionals, no matter where you are based. All you need to do is film yourself performing any scene of your choice (3 minutes max). The …


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Acting Types Demystified

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“Type” is a term that gets thrown around like prenup agreements in a Hollywood wedding. Everyone in the business seems to have one, to know theirs, and expect you to be able to rattle off yours too. But what if you aren’t sure? What if the very mention of “type” fills your soul with confusion …


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Impulses: Another Tool for Truthful Acting


When acting, as in life, IMPULSES cross your mind constantly.  Things you want to do, to say.  Thoughts you either act upon, or do not act upon.  When pursuing truth and a “life” on stage, it is absolutely imperative that you honor those IMPULSES.  They will lead you to your greatest discoveries and surprises during …


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