“Into the Storm” Casting Review


**MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS** Although most people will try and write off Into the Storm as an unofficial sequel to Twister, the former is much more than a comparison and readily holds its own ground as a thrilling action flick perfectly suited for the summer blockbuster crowds. As the name and trailer suggest, Into the Storm …


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Auditioning–Artistic Advice


BE PREPARED.  When you have booked a role, you have time to prepare fully–not only learning your lines and breaking down the audition scene(s), but researching all issues that relate to building a complete, layered human being or character.  You have time to create background, history, and specifics, to deepen your understanding of their psychology, …


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“Woodlawn” Online Search Begins


Casting Directors Elizabeth Barnes and Corbin Bronson, in coordination with Cast It Talent, is calling for self-taped submissions for an athletic actor to star in the new feature film Woodlawn. The role being cast is TONY NATHAN: “Male, 18-21, African-American . . . [an] incredibly talented athlete, who has grown up . . . in …


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“They Came Together” Casting Review


**MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS** They Came Together is a hilarious, self-aware film that is able to succeed with its absurdity due to the comedic powerhouses that make up its cast. Even after watching the film’s trailer, I honestly could not tell what exactly this movie was about and thought it was some sort of April Fool’s …


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Pre-Beat the System: Craft Your “Moment Before”

Hispanic female facial expression

In past posts, we’ve touched briefly on the importance of crafting your pre-beat, or “moment before” in an audition or scene. But what exactly does that entail? A pre-beat refers to what happens to your character right before he opens his mouth to speak. If you’re auditioning with a monologue, the piece is taken out …


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Dylan Prince is Chosen as the Top Performer in the August Showcase


We are thrilled to announce that Dylan Prince of New York, NY, has been selected as the Top Performer in the August Edition of our Monthly Showcase. To recognize his efforts, Mr. Prince will receive $500, as well as feedback on his performance from our panel of noted casting professionals. We also want to congratulate …


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6 Memorization Hacks for the Actor

Confident Guy Isolated in Copyspace

Perhaps one of the most tedious tasks for actors–universally across the globe, and since the moment when the very first actor endeavored to take a scripted work and translate it into a performance onstage–is learning lines. Granted, some people have a natural knack for memorization, and will certainly have an easier time than those for …


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